NEW Specializations and Mobility


1st and 2nd Semester

All students of MARIHE will have the same mobility track in first two semesters:

  • 1st Semester: Danube University Krems / Austria
  • 2nd Semester: University of Tampere / Finland


  • Internship: between 2nd and 3rd semester

For the internship between the 2nd and the 3rd semester, students will be with an institution related to research and innovation in higher education, e.g. the MARIHE associated partners. In addition, there will also be the possibility for students to come up with own ideas for their internship placement.

First part of the 3rd Semester

In the 3rd semester students will attend one of the two MARIHE International Field Trips in Asia. They will be able to choose either an institution located in China or in India:

  • Beijing Normal University / China
  • LM Thapar School of Management / India

Second part of the 3rd Semester, and the 4th Semester: Specialization

Students can choose from four different specialization tracks, which comprise the second part of the 3rd and the 4th semester.:

The specialization “Institutional Research” focuses on collecting and reporting information to different stakeholders including decision making bodies and helps organisations to collect, analyse and develop reports on students, faculty, staff, learning and teaching, research and services. In this track graduates will be able to use research methods and statistics as well as computer-based tools to fulfil tasks of institutional researchers at higher education institutions.
Students in this specialization will spend the second part of their 3rd semester and the 4th semester at Danube University Krems / Austria.

The specialization “Research and innovation” focuses on analyzing and conducting research on the topics "research" and "innovation" in the higher education sector, especially from the perspective of organizations, management, policy and governance. This specialization familiarizes students with evidence-based organizational development and policymaking processes and offers graduates methodological knowledge particularly about case study research design and comparative research methodology.
Students in this specialization will spend the second part of their 3rd semester and the 4th semester at University of Tampere / Finland.

The specialization “Leadership and Change” focuses on addressing current challenges for leadership in the academic sector from the perspective of the practitioners as well as the theoretical concepts of organisational development and change management. Students in this specialization will spend the second part of their 3rd semester and the 4th semester at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences / Germany.

The specialization “Learning and Teaching” focuses on the specificities of teacher and student learning and pedagogical researches in higher education and adult learning, enabling graduates to plan, organise and manage higher education projects both theoretically and in practice. Graduates will be able to plan, support, evaluate and carry out higher education developments and researches and to lay the foundation of and prepare higher education strategies.
Students in this specialization will spend the second part of their 3rd semester and the 4th semester at Eötvös Lorand University Budapest / Hungary.

  1st Semester 2nd Semester


1st part of 3rd Semester 2nd part of 3rd Semester 4th Semester
Austria X   X   X X
Finland   X X   X X
China     X X    
India     X X    
Germany     X   X X
Hungary     X   X X
Worldwide     X      

 Through the mobility scheme in MARIHE, students have:

  • access to a variety of expertise (higher education management, policy analysis and higher education consultancy, strong regional expertise in the field of higher education)
  • access to different types of institutions of higher education in Europe and Asia (university of applied sciences, traditional university, university for continuing education), which will serve on its own as perfect contextualization for students
  • excellent possibilities for internships linked to the field of research and innovation
  • authentic contact with different national and cultural contexts, including China and India
  • the possibility to learn a variety of languages (major and small languages)
  • developing cultural sensitivity and diversity orientation

 (Updated 22/02/2018)