The following application documents are needed:

1. Application Form for participation in MARIHE as a non-scholarship holder 
- Download the application form (Word format)

2.  Copy of passport / personal identification card
- Notice: Translation into English may be needed (see information on translations of documents)

3.  Curriculum Vitae (CV), in Europass format (English)
- Download the Europass template (Word format)
- Find instructions on how to fill out the Europass template here

4.  Letter of Motivation (LoM)
- Download the template (Word format)

5.  Final university diploma from first degree
- Has to be from a university degree of at least three years in duration (in most cases a Bachelor).
- If original is not in English, please provide original plus translation (see information on translation of documents).
- Notice: In the application database, you will have the possibility to upload more than one university degree diploma. As application document number 5 you should upload a diploma from a bachelor degree or from another degree of at least three years in duration.
- Instructions for applicants who will obtain their first degree after the application deadline:
If you receive your final university diploma (of your first university degree) after the application deadline, you may submit it to MARIHE Secretariat until 15 June 2018. Before, please fill in the signed “Statement on expected first university degree” (find the template here) and submit it as application document No. 5 until the application deadline. The address for sending a scanned copy of the university diploma after the application period has ended and and until 15 June 2018 is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 6.  Transcripts of records from all university studies
- Has to include a transcript from a university degree of at least three years in duration (in most cases a Bachelor).
- If original is not in English, please provide original plus translation (see information on translation of documents).

7.  Recent photograph

8.  Proof of proficiency in English language (certificate with scores from TOEFL / IELTS / Cambridge CPE)
- Find out more on requirements for test certificates and for what reasons an applicant can be exempted from English language certificate
- If unable to present the English language test certificate until the application deadline, applicants can ask to be granted an extension for this document until 15 June 2018 by filling in the signed "Statement on late submission of English test score" (find the template here). This template has to be submitted as application document No. 8 until regular deadline.

9.  Two letters of recommendation
- Download the information to give to the referees (PDF format)

10.  Essay
For topic and lenght of essay, please see template:
- Download the template (Word format)

11.-14.  Optional documents: further university degree diplomas, certificates, proof of work experience (e.g. letter from an employer).

In general, all application documents should be prepared in English language, or, if they are originals in other languages (e.g university diplomas), should be translated into English according to our requirements.

Technical Specifications for Application Documents

  • As application to the MARIHE programme only takes place electronically, please prepare from all the application documents, apart from the photograph (document No. 7), single PDF files/scanned copies in single PDF files.
    Find out more about how to convert electronic files into PDF format online.
  • Single PDF file means that if a document has several pages, they have to be merged into one PDF document.
    Find out more about how to merge several PDF files into a single file PDF.
  • Every application document/every single PDF file to be uploaded for application should have a maximum of 5 MB file size per document.
    Find out more about how to reduce the file size of a PDF file.
  • The maximum number of application documents is 14.
  • Please name your application document as described in the instructions in the application database.
  • The results of the proficiency in English test (document No. 8) has to be included in your application as a scanned copy.
    If you choose to submit a TOEFL test: In addition to the scanned copy you may let your score be submitted directly from TOEFL to the MARIHE coordinating institution, Danube University Krems. The institutional code for this direct submission of TOEFL results is 8773 (please choose option "graduate schools of management ").
  • The photograph (document No. 7) should be preferrably in JPG format, and the file size has to be max. 5 MB.


(Last update of this page: 23/02/2018)