The 11 mandatory application documents are (valid for intake 2022):

Please note: All templates are available in the Download Section. Regarding requirements, carefully read our MARIHE Guideline for Applicants. (N.B.: Some information refer to scholarship applicants, but the application documents are the same – except No.1/Application Form.)

If you face difficulties in submitting the documents until the deadline, please inform MARIHE secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

1. Application Form for participation in MARIHE as a self-funded student (intake 2022)

2.  Copy of passport / personal identification card

- Notice: Translation into English may be needed (see information on translations of documents)

3.  Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Europass format (English template)

4.  Letter of Motivation (LoM)

- For topic and length of LoM, please see template.

5.  University diplomas/degree certificates from prior university studies

6.  Transcripts of records from all university studies

- If original is not in English, please provide original plus translation (see information on translation of documents).

7.  Recent photograph

8.  Proof of proficiency in English language (certificate with scores from TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Cambridge C1 Advanced, Cambridge C2 Proficiency)

- Find out more on requirements for test certificates and for what reasons an applicant can be exempted from English language certificate.

- If you meet one of the criteria for being exempted from submitting an English language test certificate, please upload as application document No. 8 the respective document (adequate degree or secondary education as described).

- Instructions for self-funded applicants who are unable to present the English language test until the application deadline: If you receive your English test results after the application deadline, you can ask to be granted an extension for this document until 31 May 2022 by filling in the signed “Statement on late submission of English test score” (please see template in the Download Section) and submit it as application document No. 8 until the application deadline. The address for sending a scanned copy of the English test score certificate after the application period has ended and until 31 May 2022 is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9.  Two letters of recommendation

- Please see the information to give to the referees in the Download Section.

10.  Essay

- For topic and length of essay, please see template.

11.  Video

- For topic and length of the video, please see MARIHE Guideline for Applicants.

In general, all application documents should be prepared in the English language, or, if they are originals in other languages (e.g university diploma), should be translated into English according to our requirements.

For technical specifications for the application documents, please refer to the MARIHE Guideline for Applicants.