Studying MARIHE means Diversity

MARIHE continues to attract new participants of this Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme from all around the globe. The diversity in the educational backgrounds is enriching the learning experience of the students from day one.

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more than 50 countries

Photo: MARIHE students' and Alumni' countries of origin


Current students (as of June 2018)

Mrs ABOUELENAIN, Reem (Egypt)
Mr AHMAD, Ijaz (Pakistan)
Mrs AKAMP, Patricia (Canada)
Mr CALISKAN, Yasin (Turkey)
Mrs CHAN, Tung Tung (Malaysia)
Mrs CONRADIE, Kirstin (South Africa)
Mrs DIEZ URIARTE, Maria (Mexico)
Mrs EJUBOVIC, Adisa (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Mr FLORES PEREZ, Oscar (El Salvador)
Mrs FURIV, Uliana (Ukraine)
Mr GHAZALI, Abdul (Indonesia)
Mrs MELOYAN, Alina (Kazakhstan)
Mrs MINAEVA, Ekaterina (Russian Federation)
Mrs NSAME, Cahterine (Cameroon)
Mr NGUYEN, Thien (Viet Nam)
Mr SHMELEV, Nikolai (Russian Federation)
Mrs SROHA, Anuradha (India)
Mrs SUPRUN, Kateryna (Ukraine)
Mr PEOU, Sopheak (Cambodia)
Mr UMER, Usman (Ethiopia)
Mrs VEIDEMANE, Anete (Latvia)