Crossing borders

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Beyond studying


 Student messages in a bottle

  • On the road between Europe and Asia - MARIHE Travel Blogging

The student experience about how is it to be MARIHE student: ,,Después de un largo periodo de ausencia, me gustaría compartir con ustedes una nueva categoría: “Reflexiones de aprendizaje”; tenía en mente"... Read more

  • MARIHE Message in a bottle from Finland / Newsletter, Spring 2017

"MARIHE-4 & -5 are sending greetings from Finland! Finland itself greeted us with freezing cold weather. One of us even posted on our social media that" ... Read more Student message in a bottle


Bridging the disciplines

  • Internship experiences

As the higher education systems are confronted with changes and challenges on different levels, the MARIHE programme integrates the notion of interdisciplinarity already in the admission phase. MARIHE classroom acts as a mini model of the diverse academic ... Read more


International talents as a catalyst

  • Tampere - All Bright Ambassadors Programe 

MARIHE students in their 2nd semester attend classes at University of Tampere in Finland. Living and studying in Tampere has been giving the students and graduates the opportunity to capitalize on international character of MARIHE programme, and their own entrepreneurial spirit ... Read more

  • MARIHE Representatives in Erasmus Mundus Association

See the full list of representatives, and participation of MARIHE students and Alumni within the umbrella and regional chapters of Erasmus Mundus Association here

  • MARIHE Ambassadors 

After graduation or as a student, Erasmus Mundus joint master MARIHE offers opportunities to the students, faculty and prospective applicants to connect, and share the knowledge and experience. The ways to stay involved, can take on forms such as participating in regional chapters of Erasmus Mundus Association, networking at conferences, or becoming a MARIHE Ambassador