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The MARIHE focus on research and analysis was instrumental in improving my academic writing skill, which shaped my career path in higher education research.

MARIHE influences?
It is fair to say the program has considerably broadened my social capital. I have had the opportunity of socializing with many inspiring people. It also exposed me to diverse cultures in ways I have never experienced before. Most importantly, the mobility scheme of the program has helped me improve my ability to constantly adapt to new environments.

Your suggestions to future MARIHE students?
Whether it is in a quiet small town like Krems or a big mega-city like Beijing, it would always be helpful to keep an optimal life-study balance as it could enhance the productivity of academic endeavour while at the same time dedicating sufficient time for socializing and enjoying life.

Rediet Tesfaye Abebe, originally from Ethiopia. Before graduation from MARIHE in 2014, he taught Sociology and research methods at Arba Minch University, Ethiopia. After working as independent researcher and application advisor in Ethiopia, he took up PhD studies in Higher education at the University Of Tampere, Finland.