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I think that graduating from MARIHE was a major transition from someone who shows just sporadic interest in the field of higher education to a trained higher educational scholar and passionate educationalist, prepared to provide a lead on higher educational improvement issues.

How does your current career life looks like?

Only a few months after finishing the MARIHE programme in 2014, I started a doctoral degree in education at the University of Oxford – with a focus on the factors that influence the decision of academic staff in the UK to leave the academic profession and enter other occupations.

MARIHE´s contribution to your current career path?

The MARIHE internship at FINHEEC (Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council) allowed me to grasp a deep understanding of the process of quality assurance in Finland and beyond. Few months after the end of my internship period, I was invited by FINHEEC to participate in the international audit of the University of Helsinki. Since then, I have also been invited by other quality assurance agencies to participate in quality audits across Europe.

Martin Galevski, originally from Macedonia. Before studying in MARIHE he was actively engaged in the work of the Youth Education Forum (YEF) – one of the largest CSOs devoted to the youth in the Western Balkan region. Currently he is working on his doctoral degree in education at the University of Oxford, UK.

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